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Chris Evans at SDCC 2014

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If you would like to request a tutorial, you can do so on this post over here!
Eye Coloring Tutorial by me | Other Eye Tutorials: 1 2 3 | My Resource list for Faces and Heads

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Here is one of my favorite gems. This lovely lad started off the conversation by saying, “Hi Kyla u look hot”. Again, I get that looks are a HUGE part of online dating and dating in general, but really, you couldn’t comment on anything else? 

Then lets go into the insults. 

So because I happen to have an attraction to individuals with tattoos and beards I’m already pretty disgusting to him. Also, I’m not sure in what universe having a beard or tattoos means you have a mental illness. As an indivudal who has almost completed their masters degree in counseling psychology I’ve definitely treatment my fair share of indivudals who have definitely needed psychological care and were clean shaven and had zero tattoos. 

On to the next topic, please could someone send me statistical data on how many “white collar” individuals do or don’t have tattoos? Is anyone friends with someone who is “white collar” who has a tattoo? And let’s be serious, I’m sure there are a fair share of female CEOs with some kind of little tattoo, even if it’s just their astrological sign or something they drunkenly got in college. 

Lastly, I can aboslutely name psychologists with tattoos. In fact, I did my internship with many of them!

Thanks asshole, but no thanks. 

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"Look Ahead At Book 3" [x]. The second half of Book 3 trailer that aired during the SDCC panel.


Reign stars, Toby Regbo + Adelaide Kane, address dating rumors + talk shipping —> http://on.vh1.com/1rKOnNh

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Then she will never appreciate anything you do; you’re better off without her.


Then she will never appreciate anything you do; you’re better off without her.

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Mam, you can’t be here.

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asexual charlie weasley growing up in a household that’s full of love obvs but i mean you have 6 teenage boys running around and ideas of traditional masculinity are prevalent and you start to accept them subconsciously y’know

and charlie’s the second oldest and he looks up…